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Landscape Paintings, Lake Bolac - Zagreb, 2014



volcanic plains shelters 2011

single shelters instruction manual
- A4 double-sided b+w print and fold to DL brochure

download pdf (1.1 mb) from project page


Picnic (2003): with Stephen Bram, Marco Fusinato, Melinda Harper, Anne Marie May, John Nixon, Rose Nolan, Kathy Temin, Gary Wilson, Constanze Zikos




fabrics: with Melinda Harper (1999)



top factory CD rom: with Joe Guario, Stephen Bram, Marco Fusinato, Melinda Harper, Rose Nolan, Gary Wilson



circular 1 cover

circular with Marco Fusinato 1993 - 97

circular: with Marco Fusinato





RIP wave film1994


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